$ 49.95
Is your machine...
  • Leaking
  • Gurgling
  • Hissing
  • Popping
  • Not producing like it used to?
  • Dispensing slowly
  • Watery shots
  • Not grinding properly
  • Temperature off
  • Taking longer to heat up
  • No steam
  • No crema
  • Coffee grounds being scattered around internally
  • Error messages

Rebuild / Repair...

  • Analysis of issue 
  • Inspection of machine ( document + 3 photos )
  • 30 minutes of labor for immediate repair ( parts extra )
  • Technician recommendation / quote 
  • All repairs come with a 90-day parts & labor warranty as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Emergency...includes the above plus

  • Technician dispatched to location within 24 Hrs

Out of Area...No Problem, below are shipping instructions

  • Please describe and/or photo where you are getting the leak
  • Drain the lines and boiler of water by running steam wand until dry
  • Empty out as much of the water as possible and place in large plastic bag
  • Tape Shut
  • Select a box that allows for 3 inches of packaging material on all sides
  • Use bubble wrap, be sure to use enough material that it may even seem difficult to close the box
  • Once sealed up, give the box a shake to be sure the machine can not shift around  
  • Client pays shipping
  • Once received, Technician will bench test, diagnose and prepare quote
  • If quote is accepted work will begin within 48 Hrs & return ship ASAP                                                                                                             

Send UPS 3 Day Ground:

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