About us

Java Spruce wants to empower business owners to create a work/life balance that is both fulfilling and successful. To create a business that is dependent upon the system rather than the individual. This allows the owner to have trust and faith in employees and the employees to clearly understand their role in the operations.Dedicated to elevating the experience. The experience is the "x" factor in the equation when critiquing our opinions of a subject. Java Spruce subject focus is on the guest of business whether in-person, online, mobile app and/or social media. Our subject highlight  is Operations SaaS Consulting. 
Operational Systems tend to break the back of business owners when they are not designed to grow or are lacking functionality. Technology has developed at a faster rate than most fields and has a wealth of features to help elevate the experience. In order to save both time, money and energy Java Spruce has partnered with Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. For a nominal fee you receive a detailed analytic mod report, which will highlight the features your business will gain to address the solution.      
 Having a background in owning a cafe for 6 years I have learned the hard way. I have been involved in every step of creating & running cafe with duties ranging from creating the menu from scratch, managing operations, product selection, customer service & employee training. My love of coffee led me to creating a coffee roasting company while operating as head roaster. I Roasted only 100% Organic Fair Trade Beans within 24 hrs of customers order. Of course the only logical next step was being involved with the equipment within the coffee, espresso & tea industry.
 I am currently trained and/or certified for service by Alphadominche, Astoria, Bunn, Curtis, La Marzocco, Slayer and Synesso along with being certified as a SCAA Golden Cup Technician. I am proud to say that each company represented by Java Spruce has been hand picked to join our offerings of only the best in the respective industry at elevating the experience !!!
Along the way, I jumped into website development and have since created multiple sites and found that I enjoy the challenge and reward. Websites, mobile apps and social media are very important to both a startup and a long standing company. Like all things they need to be maintained and managed. Java Spruce would love to you show how we can partner with your business and ease your desktop. Certified with ServiceM8 as a service manger specialist partnering with small business owners to enhance the process of managing a service oriented company. Coming soon, more SaaS certifications. 
Located in beautiful Birch Bay, Washington
also servicing Bellingham, Washington with more cities to be offered soon...