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How Coffeeshop Business Owners Can Save Time & Money

     As a business owner, and former coffeeshop owner, I am dealt the question every day to pay with money or time ? If I can afford to pay with cash, great, consider it done. If not, then I consider if the task can be accomplished by myself and if I have the time. Which, is what I am contemplating as I write this blog. How could I gain more time to focus on other areas of business? Time is very valuable, as a business owner I am constantly wanting more time. Java Spruce can save business owners time and money by offering the Annual Service Partnership, which is named The Spruce Pass. Valid for one calendar year from...

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Introducing Java Spruce

     Java Spruce was developed with one mission, according to creator Andrew Lotsberg, "to elevate the experience of coffee, espresso & tea consumption." Whether at the office preparing documents, meeting friends at a cafe, reading a book at home or traveling the world our day is effected by our experiences. It is equally possible to achieve greatness and/or failure every day, Java Spruce wants to alter those odds to create a happier, more loving, peaceful and alert ambience each & every day. Offering only the best in equipment along with online service scheduling, maintenance programs, current equipment inspections, coffee/water Golden Cup analysis and emergency repair Java Spruce is here to help, "Elevate the Experience."      Online scheduling of...

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